[CQ-Contest] Contesting Pays

Matt aa7bg at 3rivers.net
Thu Jan 30 21:52:25 EST 2003

Being a sales rep for a national company in Montana has its shares of ups
and downs. The  downs, at least in my experience, tend to lead the greater
economy when the axe starts falling. I suppose this makes sense as most
companies tend to follow the 80/20 rule and when business gets tight, the
tendency is to first cut expenses where return is a bit more marginal, i.e.
the rural markets.

Yes, this has to do with ham radio contest exploits. A few months ago I was
“downsized” out of a company where I worked as a pharmaceutical sales rep.
In pursuing my next career move, I was invited this week to a set of
interviews with another company in the pharmaceutical industry. During this
interview I was asked the usual battery of questions, but in my brag book,
besides my sales numbers from previous jobs, I included a copy of a
certificate from a past contest. While being grilled by the hiring managers
I was asked to show proof of myself as one who is of a competitive nature. I
pulled out the certificate and began a discussion explaining where I had
placed 2nd in the nation in a radiosport contest. Yea, so I may be out of my
mind, but these guys got into it and they were asking me all sorts of
questions about how radio contesting is scored. They had me explaining
multipliers and the whole ball of wax.

Anyway, this interview took place in Orange County, CA and I returned from
the trip last night. Today I got a call and was offered the position.

I relate this story to you as ammunition for the next time your XYL asks you
just what in the dickens you think you’re doing spending all that time and
donero on your hobby. Tell her it pays to play.

Now who had that 4 element full size 160 meter beam for sale?

I'm playin, they're payin,

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