[CQ-Contest] Keep it up, 'UU

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Mon Mar 3 18:48:43 EST 2003

Precisely. Nets are no more "entitled" to frequencies than any other
amateurs. Nor are net control operators "entitled" to QRM-free operation.
When the bands are busy, everybody just has to tighten their filters --
biological and otherwise -- a little more.

If their frequency is in use, they of course have the right to request
someone move, but that person is under no obligation to do so.

Most wise nets set their frequency +/- QRM. Most hams are capable of using
the big knob in the middle of their radio to find the net. It is only those
nets with a twisted view of amateur regulations and the amateur code that
try to enforce use of "their" frequency.

73, kelly
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> N0UU wrote:
> >Then someone came on freq and said, "Do you know that there is a net 2
> >KHz up?"  Answer was "No!" and I continued.  Then another came on and
> asked if I could move down a bit.  There was a strong stn there and I
> >was just hearing >his high tones and couldn't.  About every 5 minutes
> >I had someone come and ask if I could hear the net.  Never did.
> >Am I obligated to move?
> 2 kHz away?  Absolutely not.  Stick to your guns, bro.
> Scott Robbins, W4PA
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