[CQ-Contest] Deliberate QRM - an observation from Svalbard

Ragnar Otterstad otterstad at enter.vg
Fri Mar 7 09:20:21 EST 2003

Ken WM5R wrote:

>I cannot recall ever doing a serious high power phone contesteffort from W5
when I _didn't_ have at least one incidence of someone trying to jam me.  It
happens every contest.
After my last phone contest many years ago, my family told me it sounded like
having a parrot in the house.  So I worked only CW contests ever after. This
year was different as my visit to JW-land coincided with ARRL phone contest
and I decided to participate for a few hours with the goal to provide a
multiplier for people. Condx in the Artic were not great and most of the
stations worked were the usual big guns.

Working 40 m phone is never a pleasure in Region 1. Working into Region 3  is
not easy, as you compete with strong broadcasters.
What was very annoying, was the number of stations deliberately listening in
the CW band- one even as low as 7017 !  What a way to create negative feelings
towards the contest community  !

By ignoring the bandplan several stations managed to escape a JW multiplier on

The worst offenders were :

N4PN	listening on	 7025
N9RV				7017
W3LPL			7023
K4JA				7022   Moved later to 91 so I worked him.
W2FU				7031
KC1XX			7036        "          66           "
NK7U				7027		   "         41          "
KC1F				7028
W1OP				7027
W2RE				7021
K8CC				7033
K5TPC			7025
N6IG				7038

Perhaps there is no mentioning of  bandplan compliance in the rules?  If so,
it is about time to correct that.
Please talk to your ARRL director !


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