[CQ-Contest] K6IF->VE1JF; Part 3 Posted

Dan Levin djl at andlev.com
Tue Mar 11 20:04:12 EST 2003

In 2002, I entered the WPX SSB contest in a focused way for the first time.
My experience convinced me that WPX is one of the best contests around -
high rate, lots of great DX, and 12 hours of sleep! I resolved to compete
seriously in 2003 (my 2002 entry was compromised by 7 hours of off-time on
Saturday night for our family passover Seder).  I asked around a bit, and
VE1JF was kind enough to invite me to operate his fine station - a station
that I felt was capable of delivering at least 10MM points and probably a
top-ten in the world score. 

I have posted the third chapter of this saga at http://www.k6if.com .  This
chapter is a review of the creation of my draft operating plan.
I hope you find it entertaining and possibly useful. 

I am not writing this story to appease my ego, or to promote my effort.  I
am writing it to entertain, and perhaps to educate those new contesters who
might be interested.  If you find this offensive or objectionable, please
let me know.  If I get enough negative commentary, I will cease and desist.

                          ***dan, K6IF 

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