[CQ-Contest] callsign advantages

Shelby Summerville k4ww at arrl.net
Wed Mar 12 05:31:15 EST 2003

mark at concertart.com wrote: "There are calls that, well, you just know who
they are, whether part of their call is taken out by QRN/QRM or not.  But,
the reason you know this is because they are on the air a lot."

Not necessarily! If the "number" is taken out, did you work K3WW or K4WW?
Obviously many, especially in DX contest's, aren't sure? I'm well on my way
to "confirmed, but not worked" DXCC on 160 meters, as I have 10 cards
"confirming our QSO on 160 meters", that didn't work me?
Hint...if the WW station calling CQ is 28-30 wpm, it's isn't me!

C'Ya, Shelby

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