[CQ-Contest] Location Selection

mwdink at eskimo.com mwdink at eskimo.com
Thu Mar 13 07:05:06 EST 2003

Hello All

We seem to be having a large number
of reports from the ARRL DX contests
CW and SSB where the stations are being
reported in the wrong region (i.e. USA
rather than DX)

Please be careful when selecting your
location from the drop-down list. (BTW, 
you have to choose something so it's not
a matter of defaults). It's the location 
field that determines how you get sorted 
as to DX, USA, or whatever. You should choose
the location you OPERATED from.

If you do make a mistake, you can correct 
the listing yourself. Simply go in and resubmit
your data with teh corrections. When you click
on the Submit button, you will be asked whether you
wish to repost or simply update the database.
Since corrections are manully reviewed, it may take
a day or two to show.

Id any questions, I'll be happy to help.

dink, n7wa


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