[CQ-Contest] Callsigns and such

Tom Osborne w7why at charter.net
Fri Mar 14 01:55:30 EST 2003

From: "Kelly Taylor
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Callsigns and such

>? I'd say
> that unless you spend a lot of time QRPing, the short, snappy >call
has the edge.

Hi Kelly, et al

In my years of DX'ing, I've finally came to the conclusion that I will
never be first one to call in a pileup.  I've had much better luck by
hanging back a second or so then calling.  Been lots and lots of times
I hear "The station ending in Hotel Yankee."  Same way on CW.  Always
best to wait a milisecond before calling instead of trying to be
first.   It's fun to watch the S-meter for a while before joining the
fray.  You can see it jump way up just after the DX calls and in about
4 or 5 seconds, it drops down until the 2nd wave calls again (and
again, and again--but that's a different subject).  Nice to be able to
jump in when the S-meter goes back to S-5 instead of when it's 30
over.  But, you have to be patient and watch the pileup for a while
before you jump in and start calling.  73

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