[CQ-Contest] Contesters and Emergency Comms

Ron Wetjen wd4ahz at gte.net
Wed Mar 19 14:50:40 EST 2003

Ward Silver wrote:

> This is all true, but don't assume that in an emergency you can just show up
> and suddenly be an expert in emergency communications just because you made
> 1000 QSOs last weekend.

Well said!  I served as Emergency Coordinator for almost 8 years and our 
core group was well trained.  Yes, when we were short handed, we took 
what help we could get (and put them on easy assignments) ... but it was 
easier to work with folks who knew what they were doing, than trying to 
give someone on-the-job training.

Because your a contester, doesn't mean squat to an EC looking for help, 
unless you know what your doing in an Emergency situation.


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