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N2TK, Tony tony.kaz at verizon.net
Wed Mar 26 16:58:04 EST 2003

Hi Dennis.

Well, I operated from there for the recent ARRL SSB test. Here is a roundup
of the equipment and antennas:
- Two operating tables side by side
- Two FT-920's with W2VJN filters for phone and cw
- Alpha 87A amp
- Ameritron amp with a pair of 3-500's
- Two 12v supplies -20A and 30A.
- Back-up Icom 751a with computer interface
- Desktop PC with 15" LCD monitor. PC is set up with network card. Also has
a 56k modem for local internet connection. WIN98SE.
- 4 port network switch and cables.
- C3E at 35' with rotor
- Cushcraft 402CD at 32' with rotor
- A3 side-mounted at 20'
- Inv Vee for 75/80M at 30'
- Inv Vee for 160M at 28'.
- All the coax was replaced last year with Buryflex to all antennas.

The two towers are at the edge of a 900' drop off to the ocean. Could use
some help on terrain modeling to see what should be the next move for
antenna improvements - higher, more hardware, etc. Not sure what is
happening with such a drop-off.

Bottom line - I took my headset for the contest and my golf clubs for the
rest of the time.

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Has anyone operated from WP2Z in 2002 or 2003?

If so, has condition of antennas and equipment on site improved
so one doesn't have to haul much gear in?

73, Dennis N6KI

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