[CQ-Contest] Five Years, and your gift keeps giving. de VY1JA

J. Allen jallen at internorth.com
Thu Mar 27 21:14:13 EST 2003

To all the contesting community....

It is now five years since the time that I ran an add looking for an
inexpensive reparable transceiver QRP rig to get back on the air after a
financial reversal.

That add was met with unbelievable kindness in the amateur community who
took it on themselves to help me rebuild the station.

I cannot list here all of the people who helped, but here is a list of a few
very special groups and individuals: Chen, W6AY, Mark, N5OT, Tree, N6TR,
Northern California Contest Club, Southern California Contest Club and the
Boring Amateur Radio Club.

There were many other unnamed groups and individuals who helped greatly.

To all of you who were so kind, I want to say that the radio station which
your generosity built has benefited many.  In the five years that have
passed, well over 40,000 VY1 QSO's have been logged where there would have
been near silence.

Over the past five years I have often heard, "Thanks for the sweep!" and can
only say in reply... Thank the people that rebuilt the station, the credit
is theirs.

I am very proud to be a part of such a great group of people.



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