[CQ-Contest] Results of the 2002 Canada Day Contest

Robert Nash rtnash at netcom.ca
Fri Mar 28 10:39:28 EST 2003

Hello Again

I would appear to have made the fatal mistake of not checking to see if what
I sent in for the web was actually what ended up there. Please disregard the
original message below concerning Canada Day until the web page is
straightened out!

Thanks to Andy, RV3RZ, whose log was indeed received but was not on the list
and thus alerted me to the problem.. Some computer didn't like a group of
calls on the list and dumped them.

I will alert you when that list is correct and when ve9qed at rac.ca is also
accessible. Where is that Tylenol?

73 Bob VE3KZ
ve3kz at rac.ca

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From: "Robert Nash" <rtnash at attcanada.ca>
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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Results of the 2002 Canada Day Contest

> Hello Friends

>.........For those of you in the U.S.A. and overseas, without access
> to TCA to do a check, I have posted a "Logs Received" page for the 2002
> canada Day contest on the RAC web at http://www.rac.ca/2002CDYLogs.htm
> If you entered the 2002 Canada Day contest please check to see that your
> was processed and that it is in the proper category. Every effort is being
> made to correct any errors but the number of such is unknown. If you find
> that your entry is missing or in the wrong category, please send another
> copy of your entry to ve9qed at rac.ca. It is hoped that complete corrected
> results will be available on the web in June and in the July/August

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