[CQ-Contest] Unsportsmanlike conduct

Bryan - k0emt k0emt at dbBear.com
Mon Mar 31 09:20:10 EST 2003

With having emailed directly with Barry and seeing others corroborating 
posts on the subject, I would agree that any station that was not 
working another because of nationality should be disqualified.  I'm just 
a small fry once in a while contester, but one of the premises of 
contesting is that it requires cooperation of all stations involved.

If it was simply a matter of having already worked all of the prefixes 
in the country.  Clearly, this was not the reason for asking for no USA. 
  Even then, it seems like it would be quicker to just work calling 
stations and move on than to avoid them.

This behavior goes against the spirit of contesting as I understand it.


Bryan - k0emt

Barry wrote:
> I noted, during the WPX contest, that EO6F was calling CQ CONTEST NO 
> USA, in protest of the ongoing war.
> This is a real shame, as historically, amateur radio has pretty much 
> kept political differences out of the hobby. 
> I believe EO6F should be disqualified from the contest for his 
> unsportsmanlike conduct.  ...
> 73,
> Barry Kutner, W2UP              Internet: w2up at mindspring.com

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