[CQ-Contest] E06F

Chuck k3ft at erols.com
Mon Mar 31 16:11:27 EST 2003

He has all the right in the world to say it.. I have all the right in the
world to ignore it as well (which I did). If Barry wants to comment.. so be
it. Personally, I think such comments are childish and immature but we all
have the right to be that way as long as it doesn't cross the boundaries we
all know exist.

I don't know if what EO6F falls under the contest guideline for
unsportsmanlike conduct. (Your mileage may vary ;-)  As long as he wasn't
QRM'ing, 'stealing Q', cheating (in all the categories we are familiar with)
and other infractions.. then he's not violating the rules. Rude speech and
having diarrhea of the mouth is not disqualifiable. Inappropriate - yes,
disqaulifiable - no.

As one poster said.. and I agree.. you don't like it.. don't work 'em. I
didn't like it and I didn't work 'em.

Chuck K3FT

On another happier note.. Funny Contest story dep't. I opped from NG3U and
was really pleased to see the all the new calls out there!   Thanks to all
who gave NG3U a Q!  When I was in a slooooowwww period of CQ"ing... I
decided to have some fun. I called "CQ TRANSATLANTIC TEST, CD PARTY,NOVICE
ROUNDUP, FD, ARRL DX, NAQP, WPX CONTEST etc..etc.' just to have some fun.

A guy came back and gave me a snappy 'NG3U this is XXXX (I forget the call)
FIVE NINE  OFFICIAL ROUTE STATION!"  I started laughing.. really hard.. I
never expected anyone to answer. I gave him some answer (I think I pulled my
old rating of "OFFICIAL BULLETIN STATION" out and gave it back to him. But
it was funny!

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