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I have an update.  Several attempts have been made by KXWA to clear up the
interference problem.  Their communications engineer (Paul Pettit, Phantom
Engineering: sharzam at netzero.net)  had a real challenge.  He first tried
some off-the-shelf filters.  These failed.  He then went to a company from
Toronto Canada, Tin Lee Electronics, Ltd.  They built two highly selective
notch filters to suppress the KXWA signal and allow 90.1 FM to pass.  After
installing, there was some improvement, but Paul came to the conclusion that
our FM tuner simply was not selective enough.  He convinced the manager of
the station that he should provide a new tuner.  Today, Paul showed up with
the new tuner (Sony) and it worked.  Our favorite classical channel 90.1 FM
came through crystal clear on our Bose system.  The main TV also cleared up
such that channels 6 and 7 had only very slight irregularities in the
signal.  Remember, we are 60 miles away from the TV transmitter sites.  The
bedroom TV was always on rabbit ears in the past and had some difficulty
with channel 2, but 6 & 7 always came through.  Paul installed a powered
antenna from Radio Shack.  It failed miserably.  I had fabricated a wire
antenna from zip cord that was doing a better job.  Paul has decided to
install a splitter at my yagi TV antenna located above the house and add
another filter for the upstairs TV.  He will also add a pre-amp to both TVs.
I consider his efforts most gratifying.

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> I think we'll all be interested in knowing how THIS one unfolds, Pete!
> Mark
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> > This message is to all who answered my inquiry.
> >
> > First I want to thank you all for having taken the time to do some
> research on my problem.
> >
> > For anyone who might be interested, I learned and did the following:
> >   a.. My first e-mail listed the offending station as transmitting on
> 87.9.  I had captured this by trying to hear the distorted sound coming
> my television set.  The frequency was later repeated after I had sent that
> e-mail and also the call sign of the station.  It was 89.7, KXWA.
> >   b.. The 87.9 frequency threw some responders off, because it is
> within channel 6.  So I got a few "too bad, Pete, your hosed" type of
> responses I would expect from Richard King, K5NA ...BTW, anyone know of
> whereabouts?
> >   c.. I got other great comments about filtering.
> >   d.. Doug, W9WI, has a delightful web page (http://ww.w9wi.com) full of
> information about FCC and other great amateur radio memorabilia, well
> a browse.  You may have read Doug's response to me taken from his research
> we discovered that my QTH is in the "blanketed zone" of this new station.
> >   e.. I telephoned the station manager at KXWA this morning.  Today was
> their first day on the air.  He promised to get back with me on the issue.
> I will wait my turn, after they have had a chance to get all their
> excitement cleared from kicking off their new adventure.  But now, I have
> plan, with clear definition of what steps I need to take.
> > I want to thank all who responded, and especially thank Doug, W9WI, who
> dug deep into FCC regulations and licensing issues so I could proceed in a
> calm orderly fashion to resolve the issue.
> >
> > 73 & KB,
> > Pete
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