[CQ-Contest] Getting Women into Contesting

Andrew Faber andrew.faber at gte.net
Tue Aug 3 11:07:27 EDT 2004

I'm passing on this message to the reflector for Emily, P43E, who has had trouble sending it to the reflector for some ISP reason:
  73, andy, ae6y
Hi all, 

My message has been delayed as my message bounced twice. 

Anyway, the way to get more women or other newcomers to the hobby, is by getting someone enthusiastic about this branch of ham radio. Many have already suggested the M/M format, and that is really a way to show someone what contesting is all about while breaking it down in smaller pieces. One gets a sense of what it takes, by being a team player and one can immediately share into the succes of the MM. What a better way to get someone excited... 

Besides, perhaps, a YL contest group has to be formed. Having a worldwide format, and accessed by internet. No real meetings, except that at major hamventions a session can be organized, so that the YLs can meet. (current YL groups, none are dedicated contesting groups.) Through such a contest group, it can allow other YL's to voice their concerns and have any questions answered by other YLs. It's an idea that can be worked on, but the WWYC (young contesters seem to have worked this out, and tey just had a nice get-to-gether meeting for their 5th anniversary.) There seems to be a big support within WWYC as they root for each other. Otherwise, many of these young contesters would have been the only young kid in a national society or local club, and I am sure that you feel left out, no matter how good the intentions of the rest of the club. 

While the next point, does not recruit women into contesting, I believe it is a point that has to be taken into account. It is why I feel some YL will not get into contesting or will lnot devote more time to contesting. It is "Family life and children in particular." It will be interesting to find out how many YLs that actually have children (still at home) can really block off an entire weekend for contesting uninterupted or fly away somewhere for a contest. I do not see this as a big issue for men, as the wives will be home with the kids. But the reverse will be interesting to know the answer. And how supportive are the spouses?? 

73, 88, Emily 

Emily Thiel, P43E, P.O.Box 614, ARUBA. p43e at hotmail.com http://www.qsl.net/p43e 

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