[CQ-Contest] IOTA Contest, log submission update

Donald Field g3xtt at lineone.net
Wed Aug 4 05:55:42 EDT 2004

This is an update on log submissions for the IOTA Contest.

This year we have been trialling a two-stage submission process, where  you are directed to a Web form after sending in your log. Unlike some contest organisers, although we prefer Cabrillo logs, we are prepared to accept most formats. However, this means we need to be sure we have collected the correct entry info - category, island, etc. In the past this has taken a lot of manual effort, which cannot really be sustained year after year. Even with Cabrillo logs, not all logging programs collect the required entry data, so again it helps if entrants confirm this via the Web form.

So far, we have received nearly 700 logs via this process, and although there have been a few teething problems, the system now seems to have settled down. We thank everyone for their patience. The main difficulty appears to have been that we used Javascript for the Web form, whereas many entrants were using old browsers which did not support this. Javascript has now been removed and compatibility with older browsers improved!

Some quick points about submission:

1. The correct address for logs is iota.logs at rsgbhfcc.org We know that the address has appeared incorrectly in some publications. If you have not received a log acknowledgement, it may be that you sent it to the wrong address.
2. Please only send one attachment, the log itself. You can complete the entry details when you are directed to the Web form.   

3. There was a problem with an earlier SDICheck for those using EI5DI's SDI program, which resulted in the first 12 QSOs being lost from the Cabrillo log. This is fixed in the latest version of SDICheck (10.25). Please ensure your log has no QSOs missing.
4. CT V10.01.008 <http://www.k1ea.com/download/ct10_01.zip> now supports Cabrillo for IOTA (tnx K1EA). However, the first release set all QSOs to SSB where the entry was mixed mode. Ken very quickly moved to fix this (an update should be available imminently), but do check if you are sending a CT submission for a Mixed Mode entry. For older versions of CT, we can accept the .ALL or .BIN file.

5. WA7BNM has kindly developed a template on his Web page for typing in QSOs if you have a small log and no means of creating the necessary submission. Many thanks Bruce. Go to:  http://www.b4h.net/cabforms/iota_cab.php

6. You can find a list of logs submitted and activated to date at: http://www.contesting.co.uk/hfcc/iota_online_logs.shtml 
7. The deadline for log submission is the end of August.
8. More FAQs appear at: http://www.contesting.co.uk/hfcc/iota_faq.shtml

Conditions were pretty dire for this year's contest, but there were some good scores all the same. Soapbox comments and photos  (send photos to the e-mail address below) will be posted on the IOTA  section of the RSGB HF Contests Committee Web page (www.rsgbhfcc.org ) in early September, and Claimed Scores shortly afterwards.

 Don G3XTT
 IOTA Contest Manager
iotacontest at rsgbhfcc.org (for correspondence only please, logs go to the address above)

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