[CQ-Contest] Recruiting Women into Contesting

Craig Cook n7or at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 6 17:56:21 EDT 2004

I have to honestly say that recruiting such a small
percentage of hams would probably not benefit the
future of contesting at all. If female hams want to
contest, they will. Most probably will not. 

I think a  bigger issue would be how are you guys
going to keep the casual contesters that provide a
majority of the contacts? I'll bet alot of them
participate for a while and go away for good. I guess
as long as there is a constant supply of new male hams
to cycle through this group, you will have nothing to
worry about. 

How did all of the 2 person teams do in the IARU in
July? I never saw the results. I heard there were some
Portland, OR area teams, which surprised me. The bands
didn't seem real good from here, in my opinion. Wonder
how their scores were?

--- Ward Silver <hwardsil at centurytel.net> wrote:

> > Marta KC0FXI had an interesting idea at our local
> ham club when talking
> > about things we might do as a club.  She suggested
> a contest on the theme
> > of a treasure or scavenger hunt.
> Hi Merri,
> Good "outside the box" thinking!  You know, you
> don't have to start a brand
> new contest to do this.  Just pick a contest and set
> up a scavenger hunt
> within it.  As long your rules are compatible with
> the sponsor's, it
> increases activity and makes it more fun for
> everyone.  Also encourage your
> participants to submit logs to the sponsor.  Run it
> on the honor system to
> keep the overhead down.  If it takes off as a major
> activity, there's always
> room for arguing about judging later.
> For example, something like this might be fun during
> CQ WW...
> - Work all continents
> - Work 15 zones
> - Work 25 different countries
> - Work stations with each of the 26 letters at the
> end of their calls
> This is far too timid and close to the existing way
> of "doing business",
> though - I'm sure the creative minds out there can
> come up with a lot more
> interesting things.  Radio bingo, with the last
> letter of the prefix and
> first number making up the counters?  Sequential
> QSOs that form some kind of
> pre-determined phrase or sentence?  You get the
> idea...and be sure to give
> away some kind of certificate for collecting all the
> counters.
> Call it CQ WW - Collector's Edition and stand back!
> 73, Ward N0AX
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