[CQ-Contest] FT1000D Question

Peter Barron ve3pn at igs.net
Tue Aug 10 01:55:58 EDT 2004

Hi Tony

I'd first check with WWV at 10MHz that the reference oscillator is on

	But it may be nothing more than the SHIFT setting being off  to check
1 Set the WIDTH to fully CLOCKWISE
2 Set BW to 2.0 kHz
3 Tune in CW signal for correct beat note (peak CW TUBE led)
4 Set filter to 500 Hz and check signal is peaked with same beat if not
tweak the SHIFT until signal peaks should be
Centered at 12 o'clock
If this shows a long way off still

Use the rig MARKER oscillator to set FT1000D frequency to 21.000MHz or
14.000 MHz etc
Set up a know good second rig and FT1000D into a dummy loads Tune  second
rig to its marker at same frequency , key up the 1000D then key down second
rig should be on tune with 1000D.

If this shows a long way off still would probably need to go through service
manual CHECK process for the oscillators to find which one is off.,

Spectrogram or Hamalyzer is very useful here with a PC Soundcard. to check
zero beat etc.


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