[CQ-Contest] NS Contest Thursday Night

Haddon/N6ZFO hounds1234 at comcast.net
Wed Aug 11 19:14:13 EDT 2004

Join NCCC this Thursday for the 20-minute
NCCC CW Sprint, "NS".

Note: The Thursday NCCC sprints are gaining popularity
every week with more NCCC members and others across the
country participating.  After the NCJ sprints, we'll formalize
the NS.  For now, consider giving it a try: you'll probably
enjoy.  Rates are in excess of 1/min for the top stations.
Remember, the 1st 10 mins emphpasizes training for new
sprinters, so keep your speed reasonable.  See below.

Date: Thursday, August 12 (NS #8)
       (NS #9 in 2 wks, Aug 26; next wk NAQP SSB Practice)

Time: (0340-0400Z Fri)
       2040-2100 PDT
       2140-2200 MDT
       2240-2300 CDT
       2340-0000 EDT

Freq: 14040, 7040, 3540

Rules for NS (NCCC Sprint):

Format: Similar to Internet Sprint:
       -- Call "CQ NS", "NS" etc.
       -- Exch #, Name from **previous** QSO, State.
            -- Send your chosen name on first QSO.
       -- Work dupes after 2 intervening Q's on same band,
          0 after band change. OK to work a station twice
          in a row on same band if you wish, but deduct
          the Q from your score)
       -- QSY rule: After 1 or 2 Q's, as appropriate, move
          1 KHz or more.
       -- Power 150w or less.

Guidelines: CQ at 20 wpm or below *for the first
ten minutes*.  At any time, please match the speed of
the responding or CQ'ing station and be mindful of on-going QSO's.
It's understood that "CQ" is any form of soliciting a Q, including
the sending of your call as you take over a frequency.

Reporting: If you wish, report score (= # Q's) and comments
to n6zfo at arrl.net

NCCC Net immediately following on 3853 at 0400Z.

73 Bill n6zfo

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