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> There were some really trashy signals on the band 
> for a 100 watt contest.  I wonder if it's due to 
> rigs being pushed beyond their 100W limit? Those 
> bandpass filters can eat up a few watts.  My IC-765's
> start looking bad on the scope past 110 watts, even
> though they will run another 40 watts if pushed to
> the trashy edge.
> 73
> -Kirk  K4RO

In Finnish domestic contests we deal with these kind
of spread spectrum stations by giving them a warning
and if no improvement, DQ them.

I have given two 'indirect' warnings as domestic HF
Contest manager; so I have not had to address a warning
directly to a station.

The signals have been mainly very good, some clicking
stations of course, but no really bad ones.

In Finland we have a couple of stations clearly overdriving
the exciters, but those are not active in domestic contests.

Jukka OH6LI

PS. Maybe the station that asked the radio just wanted to know what
radio this hot shot contester was using.
This discussion is great, though !

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