[CQ-Contest] The Station Notebook

James R. Duffey JamesDuffey at comcast.net
Sun Aug 15 16:46:26 EDT 2004

Kirk - Good question.

I keep my station notebook in my logbook. Whenever I change anyting I note
it in the log. I note the construction, tuning, and  performance details of
any new antenna. This includes an SWR plot on each band. With antenna
analyzers it is easy to add the reactance as a function of frequency as
well. If I need to use a manual tuner, I record the antenna tuner settings
for each band. Sometimes I include the electrical properties  of the
feedline, which again is easily measured wiht today's antenna analyzers.
These values can be used to infer antenna feed point properties from teh

I also note any new equipment added, and my initial impressions of
performance. I usually inlcude a copy of the receipt and any problems with
the vendor or shipper. For homebrew equipment I include a schematic and
reference to the source. Most of my building is simple. When I repair
something I also note it in the log. I try to include both the symptom and
the fix. 

With simple entries, I just jot it down on the lined side of the log.
Sometimes I use the blank reverse side. Sometimes I paste in notes made on
other paper or copies of articles, or computer analyses or calculations.

I usually jot down the solar flux at the beginnning of an operating session
if I know it, or other intersting events that may effect operation.

I find this an effective use of a logbook.  The old ARRL logbooks used to
have a very nice piece of graph paper in the back to record SWR and loading
control settings. Somewhere along the line it was eliminated, I suspect that
someone at HQ decided it was too costly given what they perceived as a
growing lack of interest in experimmentation by modern hams. Oh well.

After all is said and done, I put the logbook away for safe keeping.

I am not sure what people who keep electronic logs do. - Dr. Megacycle

James R. Duffey KK6MC/5
Cedar Crest NM 87008 DM65

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