[CQ-Contest] What does this question mean?

John Seney wd1v at comcast.net
Mon Aug 16 06:26:55 EDT 2004

The K2 is a pretty fast rise envelope - far shorter in time than what I set
my 756 Pro2 so as to not to have clicks.

The scope is set to 5 ms/div and its a 24 million sample persistence trace.

If you were close running QRP or running 100 watts,  clicks from the K2
are possible.



>  > During the recent NAQP CW, I was having fun running
>>  some stations on 40
>>  CW. Between callers, someone sent me a burst of CW
>>  that I didn't quite
>>  catch. After a couple of repeats, I believe he
>>  asked: UR RIG YAESU
>>  FT1000xx?
>>  To which I replied, NO ELECRAFT K2
>>  I don't know who asked the question, or even if I
>>  got it right. My
>>  question is -- why would anyone care, especially in
>>  the middle of a
>  contest?

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