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Jeff Maass jmaass at columbus.rr.com
Tue Aug 17 17:44:44 EDT 2004


You are viewing this all wrong. 

If you put the kids in the nice shack-room, they will
stay longer than you wish, and come back again and again.
Don't encourage them!

Put cots in the garage room, and house them there.
Leave the shack where it is!

A few of the stations with links on my SO2R page have
plans for their desks on their sites. 


Jeff K8ND

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> I might have know it... After buying this house for my wife and I to relax and 
> retire in, it looks as if it will be full soon. No, not another kid, just gonna 
> have them both here for a while. While that is a joy to my wife and I both, 
> I've got to move from my current hamshack (the spare bedroom) and rebuild in 
> the garage. There is a very large closet that can be airconditioned and turned 
> into a very nice shack.
> But I am in a quandry over how to build the desk. I can't use my old station 
> desk, so will have to build something. 
>  Seems as though I have seen plans before on the internet, but don't remember where.
> Anyone remember or have suggestions?
> Thanks in advance...
> 73, tom K5IID
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