[CQ-Contest] Advantages not created equal

Roger Parsons ve3zi at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 18 08:51:11 EDT 2004

I hate the 10 minute rule!

I can also see no reason why it can't be replaced by a
rule that says "only one signal can be transmitted at
any one time". That outlaws 'octopuses' (octopi?).
Although I also cannot see that 'time division
multiplexed' octopuses should be against the spirit of
the rules provided that simultaneous transmissions are
never made. That seems to me to be an extension of
SO2R, etc, and a commendable technological advance for
a technology based sport. For some contests, such as
ARRL FD, the rule could be extended a little to say
"only one transmitter may be connected or powered up
at any one time". 

Of course it's much harder to enforce, but cheaters
will anyway...

73 Roger

Flames awaited!

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