[CQ-Contest] Advantages not created equal

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
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Bill's right: the octopus does not permit violation of the one-tx-at-a-time
rule, so to add redundantly a one-tx-at-a-time rule doesn't help.

The intent of the 10-minute rule is to prevent semi-multi-multi stations
from competing in the less competitive -- and I mean that only in relation
to MM -- MS class, where by using an octopus and continuing to adhere to the
one-tx-at-a-time rule, they could potentially put in a higher score than
those stations who adhere to the intent of MS.

The beauty of the 10-minute rule is that because your band and time info
must align with the other station's band and time info -- as in any class --
violations are immediately obvious. It's perhaps the ONLY enforceable rule
there is.

The drawback is that folk who want to play SO in a MS setting -- by band
hopping -- can't. Maybe that's just the lot in life for MS stations?

Perhaps the only alternative is to define MS as one operator at a time among
a group of operators. That will give honorable stations the basis from which
to operate. But it will also remove the ability to catch/reclassify

Or we could add a proviso to the 10-minute rule that says any contacts with
new mults only are exempt. So you could move to 15, nab a new mult and
return to 20 without invoking the 10 minute rule. But if the contact on 15
is with just another G3 (no offence, G3s, just making a point) then you'd
have to remain on 15 for the 10 minutes.

That wouldn't entirely remove the octopus, but it would be a disincentive,
since pre-10-minute rule folk used the octopus for more than just new mults.

73, kelly

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> On Aug 18, 2004, at 8:51 AM, Roger Parsons wrote:
> > I hate the 10 minute rule!
> >
> > I can also see no reason why it can't be replaced by a
> > rule that says "only one signal can be transmitted at
> > any one time". That outlaws 'octopuses' (octopi?).
> An octopus only puts out one signal at a time. That's what the legs of
> the octopus are for -- to lock other stations out while a station is
> transmitting.
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