[CQ-Contest] Re: [CTDXCC] CW Sprint: a W5 Team

George Fremin III geoiii at kkn.net
Wed Aug 25 12:25:54 EDT 2004

On Tue, Aug 24, 2004 at 07:51:41PM +0000, Richard King K5NA wrote:
> At 07:16 PM 8/24/2004, Jim George wrote:
> >Also, we also will support the minute of silence in memory of W4AN.
> >
> >**********************************************************************************
> >de W4PA:
> >
> >In case you missed it in the last NCJ Sprint results, Tree N6TR asked
> >for a voluntary 1 minute silence at the 0000Z Sprint Sept 12 start in
> >memory of Bill. I intend to honor that request and would encourage
> >others to do so as well.

The voluntary moment of silence suggested in the CW sprint
results in the NCJ was for both W4AN and K4OJ.  

I miss both of these guys a lot.

> I realize that this suggestion is to show respect for W4AN's passing. But I 
> think it is a really bad idea and not appropriate. I believe that Bill 
> himself would think it is ridiculous to stop or pause a contest because a 
> regular participant has passed away. This takes away from the seriousness 
> of the Sprint.

I think it is a fine idea.  And I hope you and your guest op will

> I know that one minute isn't a long time, but it will be more significant 
> if folks, that wanted to, would use the name "Bill" in the contest as a 
> memorial. Also there will be a lot of people that won't get the word about 
> the one minute of silence at the beginning and perhaps the inactivity will 
> be confusing to them. The memorial would have been less intrusive if the 
> voluntary minute of silence were at the end of the contest.

About 200 people send in logs for the CW sprint - I think it will 
be a pretty safe bet that between CQ-Contest, the Sprint results
and word of mouth that 99% of these 200+ ops will know about the 
voluntary minute of silence.

But even if the number is lower - something tells me that it will
be quiet enough during that minute that no one will be getting 
any sort of jump on the rest by calling CQ Sprint. 

> Who is the "we" referred to above, CTDXCC participants? Has the minute of 
> silence has become mandatory?
> Just my opinion.
> 73, Richard
> k5na at texas.net 

George Fremin III - K5TR
geoiii at kkn.net

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