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Jan Erik Holm sm2ekm at telia.com
Sun Feb 1 18:57:55 EST 2004

Funny, same thing with me when I flew to CT3 last year for
the WW CW.
The security check at Stockholm airport sure was woundering
about my Bencher I had in the carry on bag, did explain
to him what it was but he still looked like a big questionmark.
Bencher paddles sure are strange things!!! Well, he did
let me pass but I sure got a strange look.

73 Jim SM2EKM

KM9M-ZIG at comcast.net wrote:

> I flew A/A in Oct 2003 to Antigua.  The only problem I had at EVERY security check point from Chicago on was with my Bencher Paddles in my carry-on.  They brought much scrutiny.  So much on the return flight customs stop in San Juan, they were photographed, swapped and checked for explosives, plus I was given a very thorough search... shoes off, wand, etc. That was security.  The custom folks on V2 were real interested in the paddles too.
> Moral of the story: If at all possible, check the HAM gear!  And keep in the weight/dimensions/ # of pcs and you'll do just fine.  I'm going back twice via this March.
> Good luck and 73,
> Zig KM9M (V26CW)
>>> I can't get a real straight answer out of Customs, the TSA or the
>>>What have been your experiences lately flying American Airlines to the
>>As you know, TSA reserves the right to inspect any checked bag.  If it's
>>locked and they don't have a master key etc, they will break the lock and/or
>>bag.  It might be a bit much to ask TSA to carefully unpack your equipment.
>>Though they might call you in the back room if there are problems... even
>>before 9/11, I once got stopped when they couldnt figure out what all the
>>aluminum tubes were for.  Maybe they thought it was centrifuge materials?
>>As for bags, the 6Y and HC8 teams and many others use Pelican 1650 cases
>>when ever possible.  I have some background info on my DXholiday.com website
>>AA is OK with bags, but most airlines have reduced the weight of the
>>allowable baggage.  For overweight and excess bags, you pay at lower weights
>>and more $$ than before.  If you are using 2 different airlines to get to
>>your destination, most airlines now have costsharing agreements where the
>>first airline will charge you excess weight for BOTH airlines.   Of course
>>they will both hit you up on your return.  If you use one airline for the
>>trip, you only get charged once, regardless of the number of legs to your
>>Real-life TSA Experience:  On the inside lid of my suitcase, I always put a
>>copy of my license, and a note to the TSA letting them know I;ve got ham
>>radio equipment inside.  On the return trip from 6Y in Nov, here's what was
>>written on a TSA slip inside my bag:  "Dear Kenny, Thanks for the warning.
>>We are still going to go through your bag and mess everything up.  Signed,
>>A. Lead".
>>Kenny K2KW
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