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With a snappy call like yours, instead of sending TU in high rate
conditions, just sign your call at the end of each QSO.  You never get a
request...."call?"  "DE" is useless information.  And, with TR, you can
speed up the message just at time of sending the call.  Those who don't get
it the first time will be challenged to listen carefully to get it the next
go-around.  The other thing that does for you is folks you have already
worked will have learned your style and will swish right past you so that
you get to pick clean Q's every time.  As Jose put it, rythm does count.  CW
is music to our ears.

BTW, Mark, you can borrow my Pelican case any time!  Just come up here in
July during our antenna party and take it with you for CQWW in HC8, or
wherever you want to go.  It is truly a remarkable way to ship gear.  You
may want to buy one anyway, but don't hesitate to borrow mine...


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> >>Is it legal in the US not to identify for every QSO?
> >As a matter of fact, no ...
> And I always thought of my pileup as a nice "roundtable."
> I think The Lawmen would have a hard time enforcing this one on someone
> IDs as frequently as a good contest op does.  I'm certainly willing to
> my chances.  I promise I'll come back and warn you if I ever get busted.
> Mark, N5OT
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