[CQ-Contest] Passing mults

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Tue Feb 3 11:30:42 EST 2004

Hello from Europe..

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> Interesting that N6TJ would say "never ask 'when [band]'" and 
> that a guy on
> the other side of the world would say he was trying to break 
> Jim's pileup
> only to find Jim QSYd because somebody moved him.

There was a presentation by OH3BU on small station contesting
in the recent CCF meeting.

Small signals can not really benefit from all Big Signal
advices.. they are competing.
And the have realised we compete against them.

As Jari said in his presentation, the Big Fish do not only
want to win us small fish, but they want to eat us.

Yes.. Eat was his expression.

My advice would be we all need to search ethical and legal
means to improve our scores.
And we need to notice all our competitors' advices might
be compromising to us, allowing the Big Fish win with
bigger margin.


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