[CQ-Contest] Dealing with eBay

K3FT k3ft at starpower.net
Tue Feb 3 17:32:05 EST 2004

I have had success with eBay in getting them to DELETE ads for illegal amps.

Here is how you do it.

When you find ads that are bad.. you send the eBAY abuse folks a EMAIL.

In it you identify the SPECIFIC ad by the number.

You identify that the ad is selling an amplifier which is illegal for sale
or use in the United States.

You identify the FCC part that specifies that such equipment is illegal and
give them 'just a snippet' of the rule part. (See part 95)

Advise them they can contact FCC at http://www.fcc.gov for confirmation of
the Code of Federal Regulations in 47 CFR Part 95 that supports your email.

Include your name/call and contact info.

I, myself, have had 3 ads pulled by eBay after formally complaining. I know
2 others who have had multiple ads pulled after notifying eBay with the


Chuck K3FT

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