[CQ-Contest] Dealing with eBay

K3FT k3ft at starpower.net
Wed Feb 4 19:45:53 EST 2004

As K1TTT and others have noted.

You MUST place, in the 'comments' section a quote that says 'this
information has been sent to the FCC' and give them the FCC part that
specifies that amps which operate within the CB freq range are illegal -
regardless of what any statement says.

Then.. as a last 'close the loop' action

send a short, concise, email to Riley. In the subject line simply state

Illegal amps for sale on Ebay. FYI/

In the text simply state

"Following items (amps, etc), illegal under 47 CFR Part 95 were advertised
for sale on eBay."

(Include the AD number only. No need to give pix or other data)

Finish by stating, 'I have notified eBay of the FCC rules and asked that
they delete the ads. I notified them on xx/xx/xxxx (insert date)'


Keep it short, keep it brief.

Riley DOES appreciate short, concise, brief messages.  He DOES collect them
and review them.

With the success with UPS, R&L, Pacetronics (and more to come) now is the
time to strike!


Chuck K3FT

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