[CQ-Contest] 10 meter CB Radios

Jamie Dupree ns3t at arrl.net
Fri Feb 6 10:55:42 EST 2004

Fellow Amateurs:

We all know the power of acting together to get something done.
Why not take a few minutes and send the FCC a complaint about
companies selling unapproved CB Radios that operate in
our 10 meter frequency allocations.

fccinfo at fcc.gov  and Riley.Hollingsworth at fcc.gov  would be
good places to start.

To make your job easier, here is a list of radios that you want
to look for - simple Google searches turn up all kinds of 
companies selling these via the web - these came from an FCC
enforcement document that can be found at


       Connex     3300
       Connex     3300 High Power
       Connex     4400 High Power
       Connex     4800 DXL-E
       Galaxy     DX33HML
       Galaxy     DX44V
       Galaxy     48T
       Galaxy     DX55V
        Galaxy     DX66V
       Galaxy     DX77HML
       Galaxy     DX88HL
       Galaxy     DX99V

       General    Lee
       General    A.P. Hill
       General    Grant
       General    Longstreet
       General    Sherman
       Ranger     2950DX
       Ranger     2970DX
       Ranger     2980WX
       Ranger     2985DX
       Ranger     2995DX
       Ranger     6300F-25
       Ranger     6300F-150
       Ranger     6900F-25
       Ranger     6900F-150
       Superstar  3900 American Spirit
       Superstar  3900HP
       Superstar  121
       Superstar  122

Here are just a few url's for you to check out - there are many more
that I'm sure you could find as well:

Palco Electronics in Southgate, Michigan:




Sound off Audio, Kinard, Florida - at the bottom of this page are 
8 different "10 meter CB Radio" choices:


Walcott CB Sales, Walcott, Iowa:


These are for the Connex 3300 :












Take a few minutes - draw up your own list - find your own
examples and send them to the FCC.  Instead of playing 
solitaire or some other game on your PC, take time to defend
our frequencies.  Web searches are always fun, and these
clearly show a number of illegal sales.

Also, for those e-bay inclined, if you see any of these on
E-Bay, you now have an FCC document link above to
cite when you complain.

It's pretty simple - the more of these radios that are sold,
the more intruders there will be on 10 meters.  The quicker
they are hit by an FCC crackdown, the better it is for us.

Thanks for your help.  Feel free to forward this post to other
ham radio groups and clubs.  This is not something that just
affects the contest community, it affects all of us - and we
all know it is not just happening on 10 meters.

Jamie NS3T

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