[CQ-Contest] Why we should care

George Harlem W1EBI w1ebi at lightband.com
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There was such a public outcry over a recent "wardrobe malfunction" on
CBS that NBC chose to edit ER only four days later.  I rarely get
involved in mass controversies, but I've sent a note on this one to
Riley.  Perhaps concerned hams could create a similar outcry and
results.  I have personally never even experienced squatter QRM, but
Chuck is right on in his note.

George W1EBI

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Last comment from me on this issue.

We SHOULD care for the SIMPLE fact that.....

EVERY one of us, who is LICENSED to operate on the ham bands earned the
right to be there. If you look at the bands as OUR HOUSE, then you
should be
INCENSED that some squatter wants to come live in OUR home, spew trash,
debris, and garbage all over OUR home  - OR - provide a means for OTHERS
come squat in OUR house, uninvited, and damage it.

Every licensed ham SHOULD take it personally. It's not a glitzy as BPL
perhaps not as bad.. but it's STILL the same thing.

YOU EARNED the right to 'live there', and you should damn sight want to
protect what's rightfully yours.

Yes, I passionate about it because I'm tired of squatters ruining what's
mine (and yours since we're all in the same boat!)


Chuck K3FT

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