[CQ-Contest] More NCJ Sprints ???

Jeff Stai jds at twistedoak.com
Sun Feb 8 16:58:26 EST 2004

At 10:42 AM 2/8/2004, Jeffrey D Clarke wrote:
>  Call me crazy but the CW Sprint is my favorite contest... With the quick turnaround of the logs (great job Tree !!) How about having more than two Sprints in a year ?? It would be neat to expermint with different formats. How about a low band Sprint - 160/80/40 - Maybe sometime in the Winter/Spring when those bands are good. You could also have a high band Sprint - 20/15/10 . I would have it in the Summer when there is plenty of Sporadic E that would make conditions interesting.. While you are at it maybe add 6 meters and make it a 20/15/10/6 meter Sprint ??? 

you got my vote - but I would want all three modes - especially RTTY.

I really like your ideas for the bands too - especially including 6m - I would make it 15/10/6, however.....

- jeff wk6i

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