[CQ-Contest] More NCJ Sprints ???

Charles W. Shaw chas.shaw at verizon.net
Tue Feb 10 14:46:33 EST 2004

K5IID, Tom, said:

>Weren't there some week night sprints somewhere in the past?
>Seems like I remember something like that. I never did the sprints
>back then though.

         There were a group of "Midnight Specials" -- limited time 
contests, mostly an hour on each of two bands, some a combo of phone and 
CW.  Some were announced in QST, some were announced other ways such as a 
CD bulletin.  Scoring was just a list of reported scores.  These did not 
use the Sprint format (at least not the ones I participated in).  They 
happened on various evenings at different times, depending upon the bands 
involved.  Much fun; little sweat.  Then there were the Utah 160 Meter 

Chas - N5UL

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