[CQ-Contest] More Sprints

Larry Schimelpfenig k7sv at adelphia.net
Wed Feb 11 05:29:24 EST 2004

Respecting the fact that the circumstances under which we all live differ, I
can understand the desire on the part of some to make changes to additional
Sprints if they were to occur. Having said that, I would submit that the cw
Sprint is the most popular and question why anything should be changed. For
what it's worth, in my opinion:

1. I don't get the idea of doing it on 6 10 and 15. I want to work a Sprint
with some rate, not a VHF contest. There's some consistency with propagation
on the currently used bands.

2. I like Pete's idea about limiting it to CW. Again, that seems to be the
most popular Sprint. At the end of the phone Sprint, many ran out of
stations to work. The RTTY Sprint still allows one to work the same stations
repeatedly under certain stipulations on the same band because of lack of

3. I like the Saturday evening format because I'm a working stiff that is up
and at em' at 4 on Monday morning. I realize that some work on Sundays and
such, but my guess is that Saturday works for the majority. Again, why mess
with success.

4. I like the idea of doing it on a quarterly basis.

I also volunteer to help in some way to make it happen and to continue
additional CW Sprints.

73 de Larry K7SV

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