[CQ-Contest] More Sprints - Oui!

Scott R. w4pa at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 11 07:21:33 EST 2004

W4NZ wrote:

>You have my vote for another Sprint or two.  Maybe they could be run
>every four months instead of six.

April, sports fans - APRIL.  There is a big old gap in the 'serious' CW
contest schedule between ARRL DX CW the 3rd weekend of Feb and WPX CW
at the end of May.  As I have to skip WPX CW because it is the weekend
after Dayton (usually - but not in 2004!) plus Memorial Day weekend
(every year...), that means a 5 month gap in CW contests between ARRL
DX CW and IARU HF for me.  There is only so much antenna work that can
keep me and K4JNY occupied without a contest 'fix' to feed that jones.

First two weekends in April, CW first weekend, SSB second weekend.

I know Tree doesn't want the additional headache of more log checking,
etc., but boy would it be nice to have them 3x a year.  

Scott W4PA

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