[CQ-Contest] K4OJ

Matt aa7bg at 3rivers.net
Fri Feb 13 00:12:14 EST 2004

I'm numb, I can't believe what I'm reading today. I was just chatting with
Jim via email a couple months ago after the 10 meter contest. He sent me a
note a few days after the test telling me I was loud. I sent him back a note
quipping that I wasn't as loud as he was. He was a beacon on ten meters.
Many times one of just a few signals on the band as it opened here in

Jim's sense of humor is one of three that I have really enjoyed the last ten
years I've been on this list. Seldom heard the last few years is the
excellent humor of Dr. Bafoofnik and AA5BT, but Jim kept dishing it out and
I will miss that tongue in cheek a lot.

I'll also miss his politics, he hit the nail on the head in so many areas
and wasn't afraid to give his splendid point of view.

The K4OJ jersey should be hoisted to the ceiling with the other greats for
all to see and ponder. I just can't believe I won't work Jim in the next

I'm so sorry to hear this news and my prayers are with us all,


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