[CQ-Contest] re:FCC okays BPL proposal

Michael Dinkelman mwdink at eskimo.com
Fri Feb 13 08:48:33 EST 2004

Seeing how this is something we may need to deal with,
some calm and coherent preparation may be in order.

1) I plan on monitoring my utilities plans (there
    are conflicting reports on whether they are
    interested in BPL or not).

2) If the worst happens, per part 15, I plan on
    being a complainer at any hint of BPL interference.
    (They've been responsive in the past and my local
    lineman who lives up the street is a Ham.)
    Towards that end, what would be the best way to document
    a case? I feel it might be wise to make some baseline
    recordings of my current HF band noise levels.
    Anybody have any recommendations towards this
    end - specifically something that can pass muster
    if challenged? I don't have a spectrum analyzer
    or access to one. Would audio recordings (MP3 files)
    be adequate?

3) Any other ideas out there?

4) What are the Hams doing in the the trial areas
which I have heard virtually nothing about (other
than the Amperion trial)? Are the field trials that
tightly controlled?

dink, n7wa
Kent, WA


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