[CQ-Contest] Multi-Multi Contest Station Bubble Feeding

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Wed Feb 18 22:19:56 EST 2004

In the beginning the m/m operators sat at their radios and worked
everyone they could hear, and all was good.  Then came packet, and the
m/m operators worked all they could hear and added some that they had
missed but their cluster buddies had spotted... and it was even better.
as the packet networks grew and added internet links and got faster it
became even more interesting to not only get spot information, but to be
able to chat with other operators from our club, and now around the
world and get their perspective in real time... how are the bands there,
did you get an opening to so and so this morning, don't miss the
grayline to so and so this evening, how far ahead of us are you now,
etc, etc...  remember, at most m/m operations there is always at least
one band that is slow, and often there are spare operators who are
waiting for a band to open... and chatting via the internet to other
multi-op stations, or even casual ops or non-contesters, is an
interesting way to stay involved and have some fun.

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> Whales use different tactics to catch fish. On of the most interesting
> ways they feed is to use a cloud of bubbles to concentrate the prey.
> The whale or whales swim underwater releasing clouds of bubbles that
> rise to the surface in a dense cloud. Perhaps the tiny fish try to
> hide in the cloud of bubbles or maybe the bubbles just confuse the
> fish. The whale then swims through the bubble clouds catching all the
> fish.
> Instant messaging?  Echolink?  IRC Chat Rooms?   During Contests?
> I can just imagine the conversation in the Multi-Multi chat room
> during a contest:
> K1TTT:  All stations: we've just found a loose concentration of
> unworked single-ops calling CQ between 3522 and 3537.
> W3LPL:  Okay.  We'll ooch up on 'em from 3522.  W4MYA, can you start
> moving them down from 3537?  Once we get them uncomfortably close
> together, they'll jump to S&P and we can nail them as they move out.
> K5GO:  We're just below K1TTT, so we should be able to pick off the
> ones who have skipped TTT.
> KC1XX:  Hopefully, no one will jump in the middle and mess everything
> up for us.
> N2RM:  Hey!  We've just found another group on 7042-7055.  I'll take
> 7055 and move 'em down.  Who can help by pressing from below?
> .......
> 73,
> dale, kg5u
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