[CQ-Contest] Off-topic (D-day 60yrs)

PY2NY - Vitor py2ny at arrl.net
Wed Feb 18 23:01:20 EST 2004

Good Evening, Friends.
This an off-topic message, but hope to
have same good information from you,
that can back to me via private mail:
py2ny at arrl.net
CQ-contest has been doing great job to
help us last four years, signing good
plans to our vacations time into other
countries, like DL, 3A, I, F, CT, EA,
G, W8, N2, GM, VE3, EI, S5... The
most important was to know PEOPLE,
and thanks so much!!
Ana PU2VYT and me will be at
Normandy June 03 to June 09.
We like modern history and have special
feelings about World War II. We really
would like to be, this year, next of the
main official commemorations, and even
try to ask for as many veterans as possible,
to take autographies in the book "D-Day"
from Stephen E Ambrose, and some
Our concern will be trying to live a little
part of those emotions from old men that
were at the beaches sixty years ago, and we
know, Ana and me, that can be impossible
to you imagine this kind of desire for brazilian
people, who lived far away from the WWII
´till 1943.
Well, our main questions:
1) What is best city to stay, due to have
time or even opportunity to find the veterans,
while they use their time to rest, talk, etc??
2) On the same way, what is the place for the
main ceremonies, and even those little ones,
more reserved to specific platoons, etc... Musee
Airborne (Ste Mere Eglise, Cote du Nacre,
La Cambe...), etc..
3) We will have just 6 or 7 days. What we need
to see to understand better that singular time
of June 6, 1944? Beaches? Cities? Memmorials?
Cemeteries? Any tour sugestion?
4) Of course, we are watching "Band of Brothers"
and "...Private Ryan" for third time, and crying again.
Any indication to find old men pictured at B-of-B?
Places linked to the movies?

We are so sorry if we can´t really show to you
our true feelings about this event and the possibility
to participate of D-Day Party. And sorry about my
bad English redaction...
Any word will be welcome...
See you at ARRL Contest...
Vitor Luís Aidar dos Santos, PY2NY
P. O. Box 204 - Jaboticabal, SP
14870-970  -  Brasil
Phone (16) 97854218

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