[CQ-Contest] M/S band change rule in ARRL DX?

Jim Idelson k1ir at designet.com
Thu Feb 19 08:36:37 EST 2004


M/S and M/2 are great categories in DX contesting. They both require even more 
strategic thinking and teamwork than single-op and multi-multi.

You do understand the rule correctly. But, you can be more creative about how 
you use those band changes. There are times when you will want to make more 
than one mult on a band change, and there are times when you might even want to 
make some non-mult QSOs before you change bands again. The idea is to use your 
six band changes to make maximum mults without sacrificing rate.

73 es GL,

Jim K1IR

[CQ-Contest] M/S band change rule in ARRL DX?
from [Tonno Vahk]
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[CQ-Contest] M/S band change rule in ARRL DX?
"Tonno Vahk" <tonno.vahk at mail.ee>
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Thu, 19 Feb 2004 14:45:22 +0200
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I haven't done Multi Op in ARRL for some time thus looked at the rules today
after a while. It was surpise for me that only 6 band changes are allowed
for M/S.

And there is no word about the second station being able to work multpliers
only (like in CQWW??).

Is it really so now that I can work only 3 mutlipliers per hour (6 band
changes) on the second station (or 3rd station in M/2) and that's it? Not
much fun really for a larger group than maybe 2-3 people.

es5tv (ES5Q this weekend)

p.s. to K4WW - see, I could actually do it without profanity this time, so
there is still hope...:)) cu in contest!

Jim Idelson K1IR
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