[CQ-Contest] Re: Contest IMing - ust work 'em

Hanlon, Steve SHanlon at dnr.state.md.us
Fri Feb 20 08:06:28 EST 2004

> just make sure you work the guy, don't care 
> how you found 'em or how he found you...just work 'em and 
> move on.  Unassisted vs. Assisted is really becoming a joke.

i would argue it does matter how you found them.  i guess the joke is those that take pride in being able to have a score based on skill and understanding of propagation and experience.  i'm not only a new ham, but new to contesting.  i have been reading and watching the threads on this and other reflectors with great interest.  there are many very disturbing comments out there.

i could completely automate my CW contest station and go watch TV while my score climbs higher and higher.  am i a good operator because i setup an automated station that uses realtime spotting to change the frequency and move the beam?  the computer would recognize a callsign, send mine, and log the QSO.  if i won, would i be respected for my great operating prowess?  or would i be a fraud, winning without having the skills to do it unassisted.  

as much as i like contesting, i question if i really want to take part if the prevailing attitude is centered around a philosophy that reduces skill and knowledge and places a higher emphasis on just getting a high score.  winning shouldn't be everything in this sport, knowledge and skillful operation should be the foundation on which a high score is based.

for some, cheating is the only way the can have a high score, me, i'm content to have a low score that i EARNED.

-steve hanlon


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