[CQ-Contest] The Jim I knew....

Ellen White, W1YL w1yl at tampabay.rr.com
Sat Feb 21 05:05:07 EST 2004

Dear Friends:

I'd like to share the following with you, from W1RAN, a long-time friend of
my family.  --  W1YL/4 "ln"


> As I remember Jim -
> Jamie at 7, already Morse-wise, determinedly mastering a Vibroplex bug;
> a little boy with allergies upon allergies; the summer intern at HQ,
guided tours; slot-car racing; learning carpentry, electricity, plumbing
(oh, that well!) from his never-idle dad; his dad had more integrity than
any other human I ever ran into, and Jim understood and learned that, too; a
chilly spring afternoon, the vast potato field in Farmington, firing a
winter's production of toy rockets into the heavens; helping to build the
500 sq ft addition onto the Burlington aerie; the electronic organ; prep
school; K4OJ, ne K1ZX, in the CD Parties, SS, DXTs; founding the Florida
Contest Group and spark-plugging it to national prominence... The Cult of
Orange; bringing along a legion of new contesters; his devotion to them; the
multi-op antenna farm Bob and Jim had always wanted; medical problems
unfairly heaped upon him; winning the Armadillo race, all 252 TX counties in
one week end; chasing Jim, K4FCG/m, through 45 of 67 FL counties in the 2003
FL QSO Party. What fun! -
> They say that humor is the mirror of I.Q. - His keen retorts betrayed more
than his share.
> Last QSO: FOC Marathon, 3 HFs in the log.
> Jim says, "QSY 7.005?"
> "Nah, my LF antennas are under CT snow;"
> "Cool," he says.
> I wanted to say, "You smart-alecky kid! I'm going to tell your mother on
> but I was laughing too hard, and my c.w. went to pieces.
> Jim, it was all too short.
> - W1RAN

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