[CQ-Contest] ARRL CW DX, J6DX Pwr??

Steve Root steve.root at culligan4water.com
Mon Feb 23 12:17:59 EST 2004

While we're on the subject, the cut number I find the most confusing is the
practice of using "J" for a "1".  That "J" is one dit away from being a
2....So was the guy trying to tell me 100 watts, or was he sending 200 watts
and I missed the first dit?  With weaker signals this was very confusing.
If you HAVE to use cut numbers, then "A" is a 1, not "J"!

73 Steve K0SR

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> Jukka OH6LI,
> Sorry if my question offended you.  I did not present as a means of
> cheating.
> With a VERY low score I am in no contention for any kind of reward.  I
> entered mainly to increase my DX count on 80 and 160 mtrs and if I can
> give NV to some DX stations so much the better.  I just wanted to be
> sure my 3 contacts with J6DX counted for THEM if I busted their
> power.  Had I asked what was so and so's full call because I couldn't
> copy it during the contest then that would be a different story.  What
> if I asked you someone sent me QRZ?, what does that mean, or they sent
> QSO B4, what does that mean, or they sent STATE?, what does that
> mean?  It was meant to be a procedures question, not a fill in the
> holes question.  I was simply asking if there was a different way of
> sending one's power that I was not aware of.
> Not sure if they would have lost the Q's or not but I do know when I
> was DX in DU land for the ARRL 10 meter I did lose Q's for not having
> the power recorded correctly.
> At the pace of the Q's during the contest you may not have a chance to
> ask for a repeat.  Most of the big guns were already CQ'ing again when
> I sent the V in NV.  Besides, I don't believe in asking for repeats of
> a call, zone, power, etc.  You should LISTEN and LISTEN until you are
> sure of what you are hearing BEFORE you make your call.  What I heard
> was two N's run together to sound like a C or a C.  Most stations were
> using TT for zero zero.  The J6DX guys were doing something different
> whether it was two N's run together to sound like a C to mean 99 watts
> or whatever.
> P.S.  I didn't use PACKET here either.
> jukka.klemola at nokia.com wrote:
> >
> > Always, if a QSO is unsure, ask the guy on the to repeat
> > the exchange.
> > If still no QSO, then no QSO in the log.
> >
> > This is simple to me.
> >
> > Contest rules say when the contest ends .. it ended
> > before this email was sent.
> > Also, rules state where the QSOs are to be held, that
> > is on the radio.
> > Not on the net.
> >
> > ARRL DX CW is a CW contest, it is not a packet contest either...
> >
> > 73,
> > Jukka OH6LI
> >
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> > > I wonder if someone who correctly copied J6DX's power could pass it on
> > > to me.  What I heard was 5NNCC but don't know what the CC means.  Not
> > > just my ears, another op in CA told me via email that's what he was
> > > hearing also.  Don't know if their keyer was chopping up something or
> > > if it's a new (to me) code.
> > > I didn't make enough Q's or points to think about an award, I just
> > > want to be sure they don't get a busted contact on my account if I
> > > don't log the correct power.
> > > TIA & 73
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