[CQ-Contest] 67 spots

KI9A at aol.com KI9A at aol.com
Tue Feb 24 17:15:43 EST 2004

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> The latter clearly crosses the line on the rules

How do you figure that? I just went thru all of the rules looking for a 
section telling me I can't spot a pal of mine, & I sure didn't see any. Can you 
please point me in the right direction, & don't tell me it is a case of unfair 
assistance, as that would be purely subjective, & therefore unenforceable.

BTW, I am not a member of the club that did the spotting ( oh boy, is thread 
familiar??).  What do you propose, one spot per contest? Maybe 2?  Yep, 67 is 
really too much, but, where do you draw the line?  

73-Chuck KI9A

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