[CQ-Contest] CQ pattern in contest - what's your vote?

Ron Feutz feutz at wctc.net
Wed Feb 25 10:33:21 EST 2004


I am an average CW contester as far as speed goes.  I am comfortable up to 
35 WPM for easy-to-copy calls and exchanges.  My problem is with difficult 
calls at high speeds.  When tuning I frequently don't focus fast enough on 
a call to get it the first time when "test" is at the end.
So I prefer "test" at the beginning, to trigger my brain into focus. 
Something I noticed this year is that some high speed stations programmed 
the call at a slower speed than the CQ or "test".  I think this helps 
everyone's rate, especially later in the contest when all the real fast CW 
ops have worked each other.  I suspect most top-notch ops will agree with 
your opinion.


Ron - WA9IRV

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