[CQ-Contest] 'TEST' or not to 'TEST'

Chuck discreetly_confidential at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 27 07:58:19 EST 2004

Over many hours of operating CW contests, I find
that if a station sends 'TEST DE <their call>' or
'TEST <their call> it works well.

1 - It gives my brain a chance to 'sync-up' to
the signal - especially if I'm S&Ping and I just
come across your call.

2 - MOST folks are accustomed to hearing 'TEST'
followed by a callsign. In other words.. it's
expected and therefore, easier to be sync'd up to

3 - When I hear 'TEST' I *KNOW* the station is
looking for a QSO and NOT involved in either
completing an exchange, or initiating an
It is clear and unambigiuos.

4 - at 'contest speeds' it takes VERY little time
to send and even over 48 hours is not going to
make a hill of beans difference in terms of time
freed up for other 'things'.

5 - It's a pretty standardized routine to hear
the invitation part of the call (i.e. 'CQ',
'Test', 'QRZ?' BEFORE the callsign. Doing it
backwards, is well, backwards.

Chuck K3FT

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