[CQ-Contest] Efficiently Calling CQ in CW Contests

Jeff Stai WK6I wk6i at twistedoak.com
Fri Feb 27 08:40:08 EST 2004

it is common practice now in RTTY contests to end a CQ with "CQ":


The "DE" aids certain logging/RTTY programs in highlighting callsigns, and would certainly not be necessary for CW.

The CQ at the end indicates a call, the lack of a CQ probably indicates otherwise.

With the need to more precisely tune a RTTY signal (than other modes) this can be a real time saver for the S&P station, and therefore a rate booster for the running station.

In phone contests, I'll end a CQ with "contest" or "sweepstakes" or whatever is appropriate and quick and makes sense, to encourage tuners to drop in an immediate call rather than waiting.

I would expect that a quick TEST or SS or CQP or whatever would have the similar effect in CW.

It occurs to me that you have to be transmitting for someone to find you, and you need to give the S&P (especially the casual S&P) time to tune you in - there is a balance somewhere!

73 - jeff wk6i

At 06:31 AM 2/27/2004, Vladimir V. Sidorov wrote:

>Finally there came a thing I was long waiting for somebody to post it here:
>> Guys, please..
>> Saying contest or keying test means you are calling CQ in
>> the contest.
>> Saying your callsign only means you are trying to get a QSO with
>> someone who just called a CQ on the band..
>> Jukka OH6LI
>It really says everything. Nothing to add except just one remark.
>When people is doing S&P, they are going down the band listening to station
>by station. Right? They hear a new signal, then they tune to this new
>signal, and THEN they listen to what the new station transmits. What I want
>to say is that people comes to your frequency in the middle of your
>transmission! Consider this, period, when you are programming your macroses.
>Then the what Jukka says applies.

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