[CQ-Contest] CQ NV

Jim Cain cainjim at mindspring.com
Sun Feb 29 06:16:56 EST 2004

Nevada contesters write:

>Maybe that's why I got several STATE? returns.  I was S&P'ing stations calling CQ, TEST, etc, and would answer with K7ACZ 599 NV.  Think I
>only got one QRZ? or CALL?.  Got several STATE?  Did they think NV (Nevada) was TEST?  

>Could be.  I hadn't heard of using NV instead of TEST until today.  But, if I were you, I would program in a half space  between the N and V or >something that so it doesn't sound like a fast TEST.

Try being a "1" station in Misssssissssippppi. MS can, and has, been mis-copied as MA, MD, ME, MI, MB, NH, NS, NB, and NE. Not to mention that "MS" is also the number "7." Last weekend I finally threw in the towel and (mostly) sent "MS" twice. And don't get me started on the subject of having a call sign suffix, "TN," that also is a state abbreviation (and the wrong one, at that -- what was I thinking?). 

The only viable solution is to move.

Jim Cain, K1TN/5

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